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“In short, I know what my purpose is, and I am now, for the first time in my life, Honoring it thanks to your coaching. Mr. Canfield, I can honestly say that choosing to hire a personal coach has been one of the best and most important decisions in my life. Thank you for the opportunity!”

— Gordon S., Rochester, NY

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“Reading through “The Success Principles,” I felt drawn to the idea of a coach. I needed a new view on things, someone to inspire me, and push me to do more. I want to thank you and my Coach for providing this wonderful opportunity for me to become who I am and have always been.”

— Robin C., OH, USA

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“I can honestly say that the coaching program has helped me really learn and utilize the principles in your book. There is a huge difference between reading the principles and actually implementing and living the principles! I have found the coaching program to be excellent in helping me really practice the principles in my own life.”

— Rachael P., Grants Pass, OR

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“I’m forever grateful for the Jack Canfield coaching program, for your incredible coaching staff, and for the trajectory that you have allowed me to build.”

— Amy S., SC, USA

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“Visiting with others who have taken life-coaching courses, I feel like this is the best possible program available. It is wonderful that the coaching highlights every area of our lives – not just one or two. I know when I complete this program; I will be living in a way that promotes positive growth and health in all seven areas of my life.”

— Shanna H., Milton-Freewater, OR

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