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This was a brand new experience for me—I have never had a life coach, but I did approach it with an open mind.

Dear Jack,

On June 12th, I lost my job over a poor decision that I had made. After that I felt rather low and sorry for myself. Luckily, my wife gave me a copy of The Success Principles after you had spoken at her work convention. I know it is too early to tell, but I believe it to be the turning point in my life. I took to heart everything written in the book. I signed up for the emails, and I attended the monthly tele-trainings. I was then struck by the email I received one day—an opportunity to work with a coach on the very things that I wanted to grasp. After going through both interviews, I was offered the opportunity to work with a coach. It was an extremely difficult decision considering the cost and our struggling financial situation. After consulting with my wife, we agreed that we were going to invest in me.

This was a brand new experience for me—I have never had a life coach, but I did approach it with an open mind. I was very excited to dive in and better learn the Principles. So what do I think of my coaching experience? So far, it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Just when I thought I knew myself, I had the opportunity to better know myself, better know what I want, and it has also given me purpose. I have never thought of myself as having a purpose. Not at least until now. It has truly opened my eyes as to what I am capable of accomplishing. I look forward to the second half of my coaching and all of the things I will achieve. I am not sure I have anything constructive to say. Everything that I experienced in coaching has put me outside of my comfort zone, and it was exactly what I needed.

As I reflect back to the person the dwelled on the negative, felt sorry for himself, or blamed others for his short-comings, I am already amazed by the transformation that has taken place. I now dwell on the positive, take action to change, and most of all—I take 100% responsibility for my actions: past, present, and future. I think the most exciting part for me is that I am only eight weeks into this transformation—imagine the possibilities after 6 months…1 year!

Moving forward, I will continue on the path—more importantly, I will share with others what I have learned in the hoping that I can have a positive impact in someone’s life as you have had in mine. Thank you!

— Ryan S., PA, USA

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