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The urge to prepare for the program helped me finalize my written life purpose and I am happy with what I've done.

Dear Jack,

This is an unusual letter, not at the beginning or at the end of the Coaching Program, but one showing midterm progress. Why? Because this is the moment at which I am ready to share.

First of all, when I subscribed to the coaching program, I needed to make a serious change in my life. I was not fully satisfied with my professional activities – I wanted to live my life purpose in a more complete way, and have more rewards for what I am doing. In addition to that I did not have enough time for my family.

When I subscribed, the first thing to do was to seriously consider my life purpose – I spent about two months (August-September, even before the real coaching sessions started) to clarify my life purpose. I read some books and explored my inner self through all techniques available to me.

The urge to prepare for the program helped me finalize my written life purpose and I am happy with what I’ve done. The results from the personality test at the beginning of the Program showed me that I need to work on developing assertiveness, as well as increasing my ability to accept and process critical feedback, and to become more independent from people’s opinions. The awareness about the need to work on these fields made a huge difference. Now, 6 months later, I can really say that I’ve tested my current level of assertiveness, ability to accept criticism in a calm way, and to be quite independent from people’s evaluation and acknowledgment, and compared to the initial level (let’s say 1, now I feel like I am on level 5 of 10).

My biggest challenge in the Program was to decide on my Breakthrough goal. I stated one, but I never felt like it was my own, and my deepest desire. I did not feel quite motivated to work on it and I did not know why. Now, after 5 months of thinking, I started realizing that I have to change it – I don’t really want to spread the knowledge about mediation through my own company only, but just spread knowledge about amiable dispute resolution and help people improve their relationship (through mediation and counseling), regardless of the form in which I would do this (in the ideal case I would keep all forms possible – my current organization, new company and other international organizations). I just wanted to be effective (reaching many people), and to get satisfying reward (both acknowledgement and some financial reward.

So, I hope by the end of the program I will have really big clarity on all issues that are still undecided and will have higher belief in myself in order to be sure that whatever I start will be successful if based on patience and perseverance.


— Sevdalina A., Sofia, Bulgaria

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