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The tools provided with the training are the best! The people helping you are the best! And, as far as I’m concerned, my coach is the best of the best.

Architects have principles they have to use in designing buildings.  While some designs may not fit in with our aesthetic point of view, they all have to be built in a way that keeps the walls standing and the roofs supported.  Anything not balanced, or brought into balance will, like the Tower of Pisa, lean to the point of not being usable. 

So the first thing that happens after one’s been accepted into the coaching program is the Winslow Profile.  Done right – meaning that you’re honest with yourself about yourself – it provides a point in time description of what you are like. 

It’s not about judging any part of you as being better than another, but an assessment of where work needs to be done to restore balance. 

It’s about you.  It’s about using Jack’s success principles (the structure) to first concentrate on the areas that need immediate attention.  It’s definitely not cookie cutter coaching, and it’s not starting at the first principle and working your way to the end – though you will go through all the principles.

I’m half-way through the program meaning that my one-on-one personal coaching has ended.  I’ll still be able to talk with my coach and the other coaches on my weekly calls into the resource center, but our weekly one-on-ones have ended.  That was last Friday. 

On Sunday, I was presented an opportunity with only 1 week to make a decision about whether or not to take it.  My decision will direct how I move forward with building my career as a freelance copywriter.  And it’s not only about getting additional training . . . it’s about jumping into an arena that I’ve targeted for next year – but now will be doing so 6 weeks from now!

Five months ago, I would never have considered such a challenge.  I would have made up all sorts of excuses and sited all my concerns and fears as to why this would not be a good thing for me.  Thanks to Jack’s coaching program, and especially my coach’s work with me, I’ve regained and fortified my confidence.  My life is balanced enough so I can take opportunities that come my way – even when they don’t meet my time-frames! 

The tools provided with the training are the best!  The people helping you are the best!  And, as far as I’m concerned, my coach is the best of the best.  Her patience and ability to focus on the areas that really needed the most work were exemplary.  She wasn’t pushing me, but partnering with me, which I greatly appreciate. 

I am very grateful that this program came into my life at exactly the point in time I needed it. With the help and support that’s available to me for the remainder of the program, I know I will be working towards my new career much sooner than later!!!

— Quinn E., CT, USA

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