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Now I could go on and on about the changes I’ve seen and felt in my life since the beginning of the program.

Dear Jack,

As I begin the transition to Phase 2 of the Jack Canfield Coaching program my coach asked if I would be willing to write a letter to you about my experiences. I gladly accepted the challenge.

When I was first contacted about the coaching program I had already begun to study the principles through the Success Principles audio book I listened to during my hour commute to work. What I heard resonated with me and I had in the past learned some similar ideas, but had not been able to put them into regular practice. I would say for at least five years, perhaps a few more, I had strong ideas of what I wanted my life to be like, things I wanted to do. Yet even when I put concerted effort into some of them I spun my wheels making no progress. I felt overwhelmed and unfocused as I moved from one thing to the next trying to find my way towards the vision I had of my life.

My first discussions with your interviewing staff really brought home the idea that I was floundering and needed help to focus. I knew by the end of the second call that the coaching program would provide me the structure and support I needed to begin to move forward in realizing my dreams. I have to be honest though, the price tag for one-on-one coaching did give me pause. Still, after discussing the program and the possible benefits with my husband we decided that I had to give it a try not just for me but for what our whole family could gain. By the way we have a house under contract so it all has worked out nicely.

Now I could go on and on about the changes I’ve seen and felt in my life since the beginning of the program. It has been transformation, an insightful journey of discovery. I’ve faced some unpleasant personality traits, made great progress towards completing my novel and I have a plan for leaving my day job. My coach specifically helped me use gratitude to overcome situations at work. He is awesome, a true coach.

I am so much more now than I was when I started. I am so much closer to realizing my dreams as well. I know that if I commit to keeping up my daily disciplines and living the principles I will achieve my every goal in the right timing. Writing this now I find it difficult to find the words to express the depth of my emotions when I think about what a difference this experience has and will make in my life, and in turn other’s lives. So I will end my letter here with the most sincere appreciation of you and your willingness to put the Success Principles out there for everyone to see and use, as well as developing the coaching program for those of us who needed a little help along the way.

— Crystle P., NH, USA

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