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My coach is my safe haven at sea, encouraging me at the sideline and pushing my boundaries!

Dear Jack,

First of all, I would like to thank you for all your outstanding work that you share with everybody and for the great team you have at the Canfield Training Group! I am in your Coaching Program and my coach is my safe haven at sea, encouraging me at the sideline and pushing my boundaries!

I currently work as a Retail Training Manager at the Center of Excellence Talent at the Adidas Headquarters, where I train and coach the Adidas store staff in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in five languages. I am writing now just one of my amazing stories that I have experienced once I started your Coaching Program of the Success Principles.

Two weeks ago the European Conference for our Retail Staff took place at our Headquarters, where 400 attendees attended. Their motto was to be better than the competition and play to win. They issued a questionnaire and 3 winners would earn a voucher worth EUR 250 to spend on Adidas clothing. The day before I saw a gorgeous jacket at our staff sales store, and immediately linked the two together. You know what women are like; I just had to have it!

So I had my goal and I was willing to go the extra mile. I answered the questions to my best potential and I gave more than expected. I delivered more answers than required and in order to stand out in the pile of papers, I drew smiles to draw the attention. During the day I was repeating the affirmation: I am excited that I am winning the voucher and I am enjoying wearing this gorgeous jacket. Moreover I was telling the Retail Trainer of France that I would beat him big time and that I visualized my victory. At night I did my visualizations and saw myself winning the voucher and wearing my gorgeous jacket.

When they announced the winner, I felt the adrenaline pumping through my body, and expecting the victory…and I won and got mentioned first! I was thrilled and it reinforced my belief in the Success Principles—it really boosted my self-confidence.

And thanks to putting in the extra effort at work, and meeting with several key stakeholders, I am now in the process of getting a new position at my work! My mission is to bridge the mindset gap between the athletes we sponsor and our staff, and I am well on my way of realizing this! I am introducing your Success Principles to key stakeholders and they are open to incorporate this into my next position. And at the same time, I am building my own business diligently. My website is about to go live and I have written my first free e-book, these topics were my biggest procrastination points before. But now, I just see them as roadblocks and things to handle. Also with my evening evaluations, I act like a coach and do not put myself down if I did not achieve everything as I had anticipated, that takes away a lot of negative energy and I am enjoying the process of setting up my business! It just flows, I am in the zone!

I am looking forward to sitting front row at the Train the Trainer and getting to know you personally! Thanks again for all your outstanding work and even though we did not meet yet, you give me the feeling that you are there for me!

With warm regards,

— Linda R., Germany

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