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It is wonderful that the coaching highlights every area of our lives – not just one or two.

“Dear Mr. Canfield,

Two years ago I joined a new direct-selling company. I saw an untapped wealth of opportunity in joining on the ground-floor and set a vague five-year plan to be job-optional, financially secure and living the life of my dreams at the end of that five years.

Two years into this adventure, instead of being on the road to my dream-life, I had instead racked up thousands of dollars in debt becoming even more dependent on my “day” job and I was even less satisfied with my life. I took classes, attended trainings and seminars, read self-help books, listened to tele-seminars and signed up for free newsletters all in an effort to get on track and make that five-year plan a reality. But nothing seemed to help.

A few months ago, I signed up for your free newsletter, which is how I came to receive an email one day about your pilot coaching program. One of my very good friends had found herself suddenly unemployed and I emailed the information on to her, thinking it might be what she needed. That night, I shared with my husband about the program and how I thought it would help her out. He asked me why I didn’t give it a try. My first response was “What if….?” So it was in that moment I decided that is exactly why I had to apply for the program. My life was full of “what ifs” and fears of way too many things. I realized that all the external things I’d been trying to “fix” weren’t the problem. The things I need to “fix” were inside me.

In the two months I’ve been doing this program and working with my coach (an awesome coach and superb individual), I feel like I’ve already made great headway. People tell me I seem younger and happier. I am thrilled to know my purpose and to be actively seeking to live my life in/on purpose.

Celebrating even my small successes is great. I’m also learning to not beat myself up over the set backs and times I stumble.

Visiting with others who have taken life-coaching courses, I feel like this is the best possible program available. It is wonderful that the coaching highlights every area of our lives – not just one or two. I know when I complete this program; I will be living in a way that promotes positive growth and health in all seven areas of my life.

I look forward to meeting the person I’ll be at the end of this program – someone who is living a purpose-filled life, someone who is confident, loving, strong, healthy, and who makes the most of living each day on purpose.

Thank you for providing the opportunity, the tools and the coaches who make this amazing transformation possible.”

With deepest appreciation,

— Shanna H., Milton-Freewater, OR

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