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It has truly been an enlightening experience so far. I've learned a ton about the principles but more importantly a lot about myself.

Dear Mr. Canfield,

I could go on for a while but I will try to be as brief as possible. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for writing The Success Principles. It was truly an inspiring book and made me take a closer look at my life, if I was getting everything out of life and living a successful life. I ended up buying about 8 copies of the book and handing it out to people whom I cared about and thought might benefit from reading it. I've read numerous business, success, inspirational books and this was the first one that I was like "wow" since it all just clicked when I was reading it. It was very succinct and covered all the bases.

Depending on what you are measuring, I am a very successful 35-year-old, with a very well paying job, a beautiful wife with a successful career, two gorgeous daughters and a very nice home. I just felt like something was missing. Although I had a very successful career, I was not happy doing what I was doing. I felt I was valuing too many of the wrong things and wasn't paying attention to the things that I needed to lead a truly successful life. I had no plan. As I was reading the book I said to my wife, and myself, "What are we really doing here? Are we going to wake up in 5-10 years and say the same thing and still be in the same place?” I knew I didn't want to and my wife was on the same exact page, as she was in a place in her career where she was not happy doing what she was doing. It's tough waking up every day not doing something that you are truly passionate about. This eventually gets to you and affects not only your own life, but also your family's life. I do believe my biggest purpose in life is to be able to raise my two girls in a happy and healthy way. If my legacy is that my girls can say they had the best dad that helped them reach their goals and follow their dreams, then I will be eternally happy. But I realized it’s hard to do that and promote following their dreams and passion without truly doing it myself. I always knew there was something else out there I should be doing. I just had really no idea what it was or how I should go about doing it. How could I be on a path to personal, professional, emotional and relationship success? That's when I told my wife that I would like to try the Jack Canfield Coaching program. I felt like I just needed some help implementing the principles, develop a plan, and stay on a path to success.

That brings me to today when I have 1 one-on-one session left with my coach. It has truly been an enlightening experience so far. I've learned a ton about the principles but more importantly a lot about myself. My coach has been a great asset and sounding board for me. He has also given some extraordinary advice and guidance on all the learning we have done. I will say that the first few weeks I was a little overwhelmed and thought I was not really getting anywhere. I wanted to implement EVERYTHING I was learning and thought if I didn't do it all perfectly, I would not succeed. I was trapped in the "I want it all and I want it now" attitude. It wasn't until about week 3-4 that I realized that this is a success journey and not a sprint. This was brought about by my coach, really bringing to light something about me that I now feel has been more of a limitation than an asset. It is the fact that I am truly a perfectionist. A lot of times in my business, perfectionism is thought of as a good ideal or asset but diving deeper into it, I now see the limitations it can cause. My coach laid it out very well, that a well-developed, thought out plan is needed to tackle goals. It's not about doing things perfectly, more about doing it well and enjoying it. I've realized that it does no good to have a million things on your plate and trying to get them done all at once. He helped clarify that working on 1-2 at a time would prove to be a lot more productive and successful.

I feel like although our one-on-one sessions will be concluding, that this is truly the beginning of the journey. I was able to gather the tools needed, now I just have to put them to good use. It's not just about having the tools in your toolbox; it's about using them appropriately. I feel my coach has done a tremendous job in showing me how to use them. I am looking forward to the next several more months of coaching guidance from the entire team.

I want to thank you again for everything you have done for me and everyone else you have touched in a positive way. I feel truly inspired and finally feel I have a plan to lead a truly successful life in all facets of my life. I believe that part of my purpose is to inspire others, and if I can help just a tiny percentage (even if it's just my daughters) of the people you have inspired, I will be a success.

Kindest Regards,

— Ron G., PA, USA

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