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In 12 weeks, I am happier, healthier and more fulfilled spiritually and personally than I ever have been or even knew I could be.

Dear Mr. Canfield,

The greatest lessons I have learned are positive/negative journaling.  Tracking my daily successes instead of being overwhelmed by to-do lists that were out of control.  This technique made me feel accomplished throughout my day and helped me to feel lighter and even sleep better at night.  I learned “I will do the best I can with the tools and knowledge that I have and trust that its enough today!”  An affirmation I tell myself several times a day.  I learned to write affirmations.  I learned to “Release the Brakes” and forgive myself and others for things I was unable to forgive in the past.  I learned for the first time in 39 years to love myself and to find self-worth in whom I am and who I have the potential to be.  I have learned to communicate honestly and tell the truth faster with everyone in my life.  My personal relationship with my husband and daughters has thrived where prior to my coaching I thought if I didn’t live another day they would all be better off without me.  I learned to implement daily rituals.  The two that helped me the best were the affirmations and gratitude journaling.  I learned I was a serious perfectionist with an obsessive personality…I didn’t know that!  But after reading the “Too Perfect” book my coach recommended, it was like the author wrote it about me.  I shared some pages out of the book with my husband and daughters and together we found understanding about my behaviors and quirks that were actually limiting our happiness as a family unit.  I learned who I am, what my gifts are and what brings me joy.  I have never felt physically better than what I do today.  Treatments that I took for Crohn’s Disease every 4 weeks has moved successfully to every 8 weeks with my full intentions of moving towards the FDA recommendation dose of every 12 weeks and no more than that.  I now know I can control this disease by not owning it and changing my attitude to a positive one.  It works!  “I am healthy and fine at 39!”  My husband and I both learned the valuable lesson of “deserving”.  My coach defined the difference between entitlement and deserving and once we learned that we were excited almost giddy about what we deserve and our brains began to work out the “how to” of getting what we rightfully deserve.

How will I use these tools to move forward?

I will commit to using the resource line for support.  I will continue with the “What I have learned” above information and make it part of my daily moments in life more freely without thinking about it.  Creating that habit so my behaviors are visibly changed to others and myself.  I will continue to give freely of my talents, our wealth and myself in order to make the world a better place by helping others in need.  Most importantly I allow myself to go free, dream big and remove my un-limiting beliefs in myself.  I will continue to make goals that are clear, specific and measurable to move forward both personally and professionally.  I want to see it, hear it, feel it, smell it and touch my goals using mind mapping.

In conclusion “I am rejoicing in my successes!  I deserve as much as anyone to experience new opportunities and will begin to celebrate that freedom!” I have recommended your Coaching course to so many others and give every new Representative of mine the Success Principal’s as my contribution to their well-being and happiness.

I am looking forward to re-taking my personal assessment.  In 12 weeks, I am happier, healthier and more fulfilled spiritually and personally than I ever have been or even knew I could be.  This is what has brought me the most joy.  I will one day be that “Coach, Mentor and Trainer to others” by owning my own consulting firm or something better.

This Coaching Program has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself!  I am happy Lisa was selected to be my Coach and will forever hold her dear for helping me release my brakes and live the life I was created to live.

Thank you for this gift and honor.


Cheryl S.

— Cheryl S., OH, USA

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