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I would never have guessed that 30 minutes a week could be so life changing! But that’s exactly what it was.

Dear Jack,

When a friend of mine told me about The Success Principles and how it was elevating her thinking, I was excited! I considered myself big on self-improvement and naturally gravitated towards authors that challenged me to think differently. She warned that The Success Principles was not your average self-improvement book and that the very first chapter would cause me to re-evaluate and question my level of commitment. A bit skeptical of that, but intrigued at the same time, I decided to purchase the book, still thinking that it would be very similar to others I had read. Boy was I wrong! After reading the first chapter, I realized that I was 100% responsible for where I was in my life, and I, and I alone, would be responsible for changing it. My natural inclination was to put the book aside – after all, my feelings had been hurt in a major way – but I resisted that temptation and kept on reading. I found some of the concepts familiar and others new and refreshing. I started to see some areas of my life turn around but then life hit. Things got busy with work, church and personal commitments and I found myself slacking on completing the exercises in each chapter, and then, before I knew it, I had stopped reading altogether. I knew I needed to get back in the groove, but I was having trouble doing so. And then, I got the phone call that would change everything.

First of all, if you knew me, you would know that I don’t answer phone calls when I don’t recognize the phone number, but this time I felt inclined to answer the call. On the other end was a gentleman who asked me how things were going with the book and offered me a free consultation with the coaching staff. A part of me wanted to hang up, reasoning that it was only a set up for a sales pitch to participate in a program that I couldn’t afford, but for some reason, I agreed to speak with a coach. I hung up the phone both excited and afraid of what that phone call would entail. A few days later I spoke with a woman and, as a result of that conversation, I learned that although I was positive – I was full of excuses and it was those excuses that were holding me back from being successful. I found myself tearing up at several points in the conversation and even thought about hanging up, but somehow I managed to hang in there. I knew that she was right, and if I wanted my life to change, I was going to have to make some changes. She offered me a spot in the coaching program and I accepted.

From the very first conversation with my coach, I knew that we were a perfect fit. He was firm, yet encouraging. Structured, yet flexible. Just what the doctor ordered. Prior to enrolling in this program, I would never have guessed that 30 minutes a week could be so life changing! But that’s exactly what it was. Through my sessions with my coach, I learned that I was a major perfectionist and that this mindset was rooted in fear. If I were to move forward in life, I would have to move from perfectionism to excellence. The concept was familiar to me, but I really didn’t know what that looked or felt like. But as I continued to work with my coach and complete my weekly exercises, I began to understand. I could see how deeply rooted my perfectionist mindset was and how it kept me from even attempting things that I prejudged as having a high risk of failure. I wanted to be a successful business owner, but I had not taken the steps necessary to be one, because I was afraid. Afraid of how my friends and family would respond to my business, afraid of failing, afraid of talking to new prospects and getting rejected, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to deliver for my clients. Fear is crippling and it was crippling me!

After coming to the realization that fear had a major stronghold on my life, a major burden was lifted and I started seeing the change I was after. I say a burden was lifted, because I had struggled for so long to really understand what was holding me back and now I knew. The question was – what would I do about it. A combination of my coach’s support and my determination brought about several accomplishments. I created a vision board complete with pictures and affirmations, and I review it several times a day. Each night, I update my victory log to celebrate my successes (also an area I was lacking in) and remind myself that I am not becoming successful, I am successful. I also complete my evening review and mirror exercise each night, something that was very awkward for me in the beginning, but now is a big part in keeping me grounded and focused. I’m also seeing major strides in my business – I’ve re-vamped my marketing and have become 100% more comfortable speaking to potential clients and, as a result, I’m attracting opportunities for me to share what I do! The number of “likes” on my Facebook page increased by 40%, and my clients are much more responsive to what I am posting! I’ve become the go-to person for many of my friends, and I’m securing new clients weekly. I now have a plan for where I am going, and I can see myself getting there, because I’m no longer letting fear hold me back. It’s not that I don’t feel it – I do – but each time it rears its head, I remind myself that it is those very thoughts that have held me back for so long. My new favorite quote is, “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain” by Mark Twain. In just one sentence, it captures where I am and where I am going.

Jack, I want to thank you for The Success Principles and for Jack Canfield Coaching! I have no doubt that I would not have experienced these breakthroughs without the support of this book and my coach. The whole thing has exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to updating you in the future as the benefits of participating in this program continue to unfold!

God bless!

— Tamara J., N.C., USA

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