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I want to thank you for offering this program.

Dear Jack,

When I signed up for personal coaching, I wanted one major outcome – grow my business so I could make more money.  I wanted the magic answer that would grow my business overnight.  I was confident that with coaching, this would happen quickly.

As I started my coaching sessions, my business was discussed often.  As the sessions went on, more personal issues were discussed and the focus turned more to general personal growth rather than just business growth.

I began to see how things were inter-related.  I started to think more about life balance when in the beginning, my thought was just work as hard as you can now so that you can take time and enjoy your life and your family later.  This was the reason for needing my business to grow quickly.  I was putting the rest of my life on hold.

At this point, I have not reached a perfect life balance.  I’m not even sure that I have made great strides.  I do think daily about it though and take small steps to try and create better balance.  I also am more focused on overall fulfillment in various areas of my life.

I have learned quite a bit about myself and have had many “ah-ha” moments.  I am not sure I currently define success in the same way as I did when I began the coaching program. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with my coach.  Our conversations are something that I have looked forward to on a weekly basis.  When I get off the phone I always feel energized and excited. 

The lessons I have completed have made me think and I have made small changes or have become more aware of things about myself.  I look forward to continuing on with the lessons and also going back to review some of the prior lessons to further my personal development progress.

I want to thank you for offering this program.  At this point it has already made such a difference in my life and with continued application, I believe that I will become more successful.  I look forward to my continuing education and the next step of the coaching program. 

— Daphne H., TX, USA

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