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I am writing this letter to let you know how I much I have appreciated my coach and your coaching program so far.

Dear Jack,

I am writing this letter to let you know how I much I have appreciated my coach and your coaching program so far. I can say that this is the most intensive coaching program I have ever been involved in. I didn’t realize how much work it would be when I signed up for it. It was very challenging for me to do the homework for your course, and at the same time do my college studies, working full-time, cooking, training to race my bicycle, and making a little time for myself and for my boyfriend. But having said this, I realize that because I was committed to this program, that I would do all this work. And that is why I have learned so much useful information from it.

One of the teachings that I really appreciated was the module on getting control of my thoughts. I now am reading my affirmations daily, doing some visualizations (I want to do more of this), meditating and the evening review as often as possible. I know that has really helped give me more balance and get me to think in a more positive way and helped me with my exams. I tend to be down on myself a lot, so this has helped me change those thoughts more to the positive side.

Figuring out my life’s purpose was one of the most important things that I wanted to accomplish, as well as my breakthrough goal of finding a new job. I found that writing out my life purpose was a great exercise and gave me some clarity there. However, I still haven’t figured out how to find/figure out, what a job/career would look like that would align with my life purpose. That is a goal that I will be working on for the next couple years it looks like, and would still like to know what it would be or look like.

The process in module two to brainstorm and create breakthrough goals, with the timelines and steps required to obtain it, was very useful. I especially liked the mind-map and brainstorming. Then writing out the next steps and putting commitment dates to it ensures that I work toward it.

One of my favorite modules was Success and Money. I had some thoughts, beliefs and behaviors about money from my parents that were holding me back.  Doing the exercises really helped me address them and made me realize that it’s okay to want more money and try to increase my wealth. 

Also the fact that I have a coach following up each week making sure that I am moving forward with my goals, and doing the work, really helps motivate me to do the work. Accountability is so necessary for me, as I am a procrastinator, which comes from being a perfectionist. My coach found out in the beginning that I am a perfectionist, and gave me some information about being a perfectionist. Boy, was that an eye- opener for me! I had no idea of the drawbacks from that. Realizing that has been a big help and I am working toward becoming less of a perfectionist, and therefore less of a procrastinator.

A second breakthrough goal that I made was to lose some weight and reduce the fat around my middle. I have made some progress here, not as much as I’d like yet, but I have lost a few pounds and I am sure that more will come off in the next few weeks. I believe that doing the mind mapping and writing down the steps to get to my goal, as well as my determination to look and feel better, made it possible for me to start making changes immediately for the better.

The other achievement that I have had was to move closer to my goal to get a new job, by sending out several resumes. In the middle of this intention, I found out that my boyfriend’s son is a recruiter and he was willing to look at my resume and gave me suggestions to make it look more attractive and get the attention of recruiters. So after I reworked it, I sent it out to a new job opening and I had my very first interview last week! Using meditation and visualizing what I wanted it to look like, this helped me with the jitters of that first interview. The position wasn’t to my liking so I didn’t want the job, but I am looking forward to more positive interviews in the future.

Thank you for a great program so far and I look forward to the rest of the year with the coaching team.

Thank you,

Heidi F.

— Heidi F., CA, USA

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