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I am moving forward with my goals.

Dear Jack,

When my coach mentioned that I could write you a letter about my successes, my victories, and things that are meaningful to me with the program, I didn’t really want to do it!
I have come to realize that I am a perfectionist.  Why would I want to write a letter to Jack Canfield when I am far from where I want to be and what I want to become.  Well, I have discovered that it is good to “feel the fear and do it anyway”.   Jack, this is my first success!  My coach suggested I read “Feel the Fear …and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers.  I read it and it has changed me.  Whenever I come up against something that I should do but I don’t want to do it because it is something new, not in my comfort zone, and needing to do it perfectly, I just say to myself – “feel the fear …and do it anyway”!  I have gotten so good at it I am sharing it with friends when they are stuck.

I also have a tendency to do too much at once and get overwhelmed.  I realize that I do this sometimes to sabotage my own success by avoiding doing the little things that I need to do to be successful.  This is breakthrough #2.  I still do it but I am now aware of it.  I realize that with having to take care of my Dad (who is 92 with Alzheimer’s) that I just can’t do everything that I want.  I can’t be a full time caregiver, a full time mortgage broker, a full time XANGO distributer and a full time real estate investor.  It is all too overwhelming for me.  As a result of my coaching I put the real estate investing and the XANGO business on the backburner to concentrate on taking care of my Dad and taking advantage of the refinance opportunity coming up in March with my mortgage business.

I am moving forward with my goals.  Every morning I do my “hour of power” by listening to your “Keys to Living the Law of Attraction” and meditating.  I am scheduling my week every Sunday evening.  Every night before I go to bed I do the mirror exercise, and, yes, If I forget to do it I drag my fanny out of bed and do it!  I kind of like telling myself that “I love you Tom”!

That’s it for me.  The next step is a big one, continue with the program and use the coaching hotline consistently!

Feel the fear …and do it anyway!!!  Thanks Jack!

Tom W.

— Tom W., AZ, USA

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